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Monday, April 30, 2007
Ordering instant food delivery online
Back in 1996, Filipinos were able to get their first taste of local e-commerce as Magoos started selling pizza online. If I recall correctly, in its earlier days, there was also e-Kain that serves as a middle-man where various food establishments can have their online ordering needs be served through this site, like ordering Wendy's hamburger online. (Migs and Danny, am I referring to the correct site?)

Lately, a group of friends, some of them are even IT professionals such as Fernando Martirez III, formed HCC Delivers that accepts online ordering of food and be delivered at offices. As business boomed, HCC Delivers now focuses on sites with regular food delivery needs and special occassions.

Today, if my research is correct, there are only two food establishments that offers instant food delivery service: McDonalds and Pizza Hut.

How come online food ordering is not as popular in the Philippines? There are several reasons and here are some: Number of food establishments are too many, almost anywhere. This makes it impractical for locals to order food online unless such is the only medium to reach an establishment. Most online food ordering sites focuses more on international ordering for relatives here.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Chowking, Jollibee, Greenwich, Red Ribbon to Launch Integrated E-Commerce Fast Food Chain Site and Delivery Service

Just got word from Manolo Almagro, Head of the Digital Team at Jollibee Foods Corporation that the company is launching the e-commerce initiative of the 4 brands in coming months. It will start with Chowking (soft launch on March 31) andJollibee (soft launch on April 19). Followed by Greenwich and finally Red Ribbon(both will have soft launch schedule sometime this May).

The initial delivery area is limited to Metro Manila and shall be expanded to other delivery areas over time.

However, what will make this effort different is the integration, Almagro explained, "There will be a site that will allow for cross brand ordering. You can order from any of the 4 brands and mix and match a meal."

I was able to take a sneak peak at one of them and like the easy to use interface. Gave some suggestions on how can it be improved further after trying out to pick my favorite food order online.

Like in the case of Jollibee, a sample order would comprise of 2-piece burger steak, macaroni soup, chocolate sundae, and pineapple juice (plus a champ or yum burger with cheese take out). Their coffee is one of the best too.

For Chowking, a sample order would either be Spicy Chaofan / siomai, Kings Congee, or Beef Wanton Noodles (Mami). Then buchi and pineapple juice. I am also a big fan of their Kings Special breakfast and hope that can also be ordered online. However, since Chowking has a wide variety of individual and group food menus, I'm sure this site will be an exciting one to watch.

I consider the soups, desert and drinks as add-ons and I think they should appear on the side-bar as options after one picks a main meal order.

Although I think it is possible that there are two types of customers: (which of the two are you?) 1. Shop and choose. Those who want to look at the menu and pick. 2. Just give an order right away. Where a form with drop down menu option would suit best for fast transaction. (Well it is fast food to begin with.) It is interesting when Manolo said that the 4 sites will have similar user experience (design) and ordering interfaces -- but each shall have unique branding. This uniformity will make it easier for users to shop from one brand site to the other without having to take much effort in re-learning the interface.

"The concept is that if we design each site to have similar ordering building experience, we will be able to leverage on the institutional knowledge that will be built up over time. It is much like how...
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