Dahmers Confession

Topics: Jeffrey Dahmer, Victim, Dismemberment Pages: 7 (2566 words) Published: June 17, 2005
On Wed., 7-24-91, I, Det. KENNEDY on Squad 126, while interviewing the suspect in this offense, that being one Jeffrey L.. DAHMER, spoke to him in regards to the fact that he had knowledge to whether or not the acts he was committing were right or wrong. At this time, Mr. DAHMER stated that he was fully aware that the acts he was colTiflitting were wrong and that he feels horrified that he was able to carry out such an offense.

He stated that it is obvious that he realized that they were wrong because he went to great time and expense to try to cover up his crimes. He stated that he used quite a bit of caution by setting up alarm systems in his apartment, that being In the outer door, the sliding door leading to his hallway bathroom and bedroom, and his bedroom door. He stated that he set up a fake video camera and told other homosexuals that he had brought to his apartment that it automatically turned on if his door opened up without the alarm being turned off. He stated that this was all done in order to keep people from entering into his apartment and discovering the evidence of his criminal act.

He also stated that he drank excessively to try to forget the nlghtmre he felt he was living as he remembered the horror of some of the acts that he performed. He stated that he is deeply remorseful now for what he had done and wished that he had never started. He stated that he is not sure why he started committing these offenses and feels that in order to make restitution to the families of those he has killed, that he would like to help the police In any way that he can by trying to identify his victims.

Report dictated by Oct. Patrick KENNEDY. PK/rc 7-24-91

On Tuesday, 07-23-91, I, Detective KENNEDY, of Squad 126, while investigating the above incident and filing reports down on the 4th fi., of the CIB, was given a message, by the head jailer in LUCAD, that the suspect in this offense, one Jeffrey_DAHMER, had requested to speak with me again.

At this time I proceeded to the 5th fl., LUCAD lock up, where I went to the cell, where DAHMER, the suspect was sitting. At this time I asked if he had in fact requested to see me again, and he stated "yes I did". At this time myself and Det. Dennis_MURPHY, escorted DAHMER back down to the 4th floor, CIB, to an interview room, where we conducted the following investigation. At this time DAHMER stated that he wish to talk to us about an additional two homicides that he forgot to mention in the original interview. This information was given to Det. MURPHY, and he will file a separate detailed supplement regarding this.

Also during this interview I asked DAHMER what substance was sprayed on some of the skulls, which were found in his apartment, as the Medical Examiners stated there appeared to be a paint like substance on three of the skulls. To this DAHMER stated he had gone to the Pallette Shop, which is an Art Store, located on South Water St. He states at the store he purchased some enamel spray paint, type of color being fake granite. When asked why he used this spray paint on the skulls, he stated he sprayed them in order to give them an artificial look, in case someone would see them, they would feel they were not real. Upon asking him which skulls he did spray, he stated the black male which he met on 27th St., was one of the skulls, the mixed mulatto male which he met at La Cage, on West National, was the 2nd skull sprayed and a black male prostitute which he picked up n front of 219 5. 2nd was the 3rd skull he sprayed. At this time I also questioned DAHMER, regarding the numerous boxes of Soilex, which is a cleansing powder that was found in his apartment. To this he stated that he used the Soilex, along with a water solution to boil the heads which he had decapitated from his victims. He stated the Soilex cou1d effectively boil off the skin and hair from the skulls, in about an hours time. He also stated one of the torsos that he had taken from a...
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