Cutural Diversity

Topics: Culture, Anthropology, United States Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: February 27, 2013

If somebody asks me to describe the world in one world, diversity will be my answer. Research has shown that we have about 200 countries, 21 religions and 6500 languages all over the world (, which make our world becomes a colorful and copious globe. America is also considered to be a small version of the world. This essay will explain the development of cultural diversity, its effects on our lives and how it can impact human behavior.

We all know that culture is become more and more various than ever. What is cultural diversity? It is the cultural variety and cultural differences that exist in the world, a society, an institution. It can also mean an inclusion of diverse people in a group or organization ( Seeing foreigners or people with different skin color in recent days is not a strange thing as it was many decades ago, especially in America. This is also reflected in economy. For example, when you go to the market, there are marvelous choices of product from bunch of countries. The United States Census 2010 show that forty years from now, the multi-ethnic America will also further diversified with the ethnic minority possibly becoming the majority.

Both material and non-material culture are common from culture to culture. Thanks to many factors such as travel, immigration, internet, globalize economic that the culture can develop strongly like today. For instance, an invention quickly applied worldwide, jazz music of black people also spread to other cultures. The hippie movement from the United States quickly spreads to Europe, Canada, and Australia. The McDonald or Starbuck are everywhere in the world, or the missionaries had to travel everywhere put their faith there. The popular culture is supported by technical trend has led to all globalization of culture. Many societies are trying to protect themselves from the "invasion" of too much culture from other societies and promote cultural identity....
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