Current Issues with Race

Topics: White people, Race, Black people Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: February 24, 2014

Current Issues Assignment #1

Throughout our society and in today’s world racism is still a hot topic. You can look back almost 20 years ago at the Class Divided study done by a teacher to see that racism is a problem. Even today we see the same effects that were found in the study. As these effects are still seen in today’s society it impacts many people. Some people will argue that race shouldn’t be a category and that it’s just a label that classifies people with no facts to back it. Generally speaking the distinctions that are made about race has nothing to do with the genetic characteristics of people. Racism has been around forever and by now many people believe we should have overcame this issue a long time ago. One of the big questions surrounding the criminal justice field is where did racism start. Most is said to come from people’s upbringing and how they were raised and some say that people just derive opinions on their own. Another way people become racist is what some people believe to be the media. The majority of people now have access to technology and television where they have access to the media. Media is one of the biggest reasons that racism still exists today. Most shows/programs typically show the white people as the “good guys” and the black/minority people are often targeted as the bad (Lectures). As we look at today’s television and news articles there are countless numbers of news articles and current issues that surround this hot topic of race and racism. For example, Richard Sherman believing that being called a thug (after his post-game outburst) was the more modern version of the “N” word. Another example is the group of Ole Miss students. These students could possible face charges for placing a noose on a statue, which happens to be of the first black student who attended Ole Miss. These two examples and many more show that today’s society is still far from overcoming the issue of race and racism, although...
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