African American Racial Equality
Topics: Race, Racism, Black people, United States, African American, Miscegenation / Pages: 7 (1611 words) / Published: Nov 19th, 2015

Racism has been a major problem in the United States for a long time, ever since African American were taken as slaves and forced to assimilate into the Western culture has made the relationship between African Americans and Caucasian very hateful. Those who integrate to the dominant culture were often forced to learn a new language, traditions, religion and norms. Progress has been made towards racial equality in the United States; unfortunately we still see discrimination taking place .African Americans have experience more oppression, hatred and injustice than other racial groups. Being African American in the United States has never been easy, every day blacks are treated differently mainly because of their color of skin and physical appearance. …show more content…
Ioanide argues that even though Blacks and Whites share similar incomes, work history and family structure, their relationship of wealth and inheritance is very different. This is because many African Americans receive less inheritance by their parents, creating the minority group to struggle to maintain a decent lifestyle. In order to explain the racial gap between the dominant group and the working class the author looks at the history of the United States to examine why White Americans have more wealth than people of color. The author suggests that Whites were not victims of discrimination or suffered any kind of financial hardship unlike the African American community. Other argument that Ioanide makes is that today more celebrities are using their power to promote the ideas of hard work and merit within the African American community. This article is relevant to social work practice because as Social workers are main responsibility is to deliver the same service to every individual regarded of the gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and …show more content…
Although each author has their own perspective about discrimination and prejudice they shared similar opinions about modern racism, this new technique used to oppress the African American community. Modern racism has become very popular in today's society that has created individuals not to realize that discrimination is still taking place. On Essay three Hughey states three arguments on how African Americans are being discriminated. African American are being target through housing segregation, inequality and the mass media. On essay six the author states the unequal distribution of wealth between the dominant group and minority groups. Those who have wealth are more likely to disempower other individuals, and are more likely to remain in charge. On essay twelve the author talks about the imbalance of gender ratio within the African American he mentions that Black men have the highest rate of incarceration. One reason why theirs more Black men in prison is because law enforcement agents are using racial profiling to target people of color. Today more law enforcement agents are using this discriminatory practice to target individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual's race, ethnicity and physical appearance. Unfortunately modern racism occurs every day across the country even though it's illegal and goes against an

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