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Gun Control

The topic of gun control has been on the rise for almost twenty years. In 1994 congress backed a ban on assault weapons however it expired in 2004. With the amount of gun violence growing more and more each year, it has brought up new concerns with gun control and who should be able to possess them, if any. Top democrats in the House of Representatives unveiled a proposal to decrease gun violence. This proposal was much like the one offered by President Obama last month. This proposal included the ban on semi-automatic assault weapons. Mike Thompson, chairman of the 12-member House Democratic Gun Violence Prevention Task that drafted the proposals, “We know its going to be tough, but we also know this is important.” There have been many different arguments on whether or not new restrictions on firearms should be put in place, many argue the 1st amendment and the right to bear arms. While others argue that while Americans have the right to own guns, the government has the responsibility to impose restrictions for the public good. In addition to outlawing semi-automatic weapons and imposing limits on high-capacity ammunition clips, the House Democratic package and the one advanced by the White House states that all gun buyers be subject to background checks and provide for improvements in mental health services.

Obama said, “A majority of responsible gun owners recognize that we can't have a situation in which 20 more of our children or 100 more of our children or 1,000 more of our children are shot and killed. There are common sense steps we can take and we should not shy away from taking those steps.” Vice President Joe Biden told House Democrats on Wednesday that they have an obligation to step up and take action. While the powerful National Rifle Association has led the charge against stricter gun laws, they do agree with those who have called for improvements in mental health...
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