Gun Control (Still in the Works)

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Topic: Gun Control and Universal Background checks
I. Introduction
A.  Attention material:
D.  Thesis/Preview:
Transition Statement
II. Body
A. Main point #1 Criminals will always find a way to obtain their guns, leaving law-abiding citizens without any weapons to use in defense.     1. (Description of problem)
        a. (Signs, symptoms, effects of problem)
        b. (Example, narrative, or testimony)
    2. (Importance of problem)
        a. (Extent of problem)
            i. (Facts/statistics)
            ii. (Expert testimony)
        b. (Who is affected)
            i. (Facts/statistics)
            ii. (Example/narrative)
    3. (Consequences of problem)
        a. (Expert testimony)
        b. (Example/narrative)
(Transition into main point 2)
B.  Main point #2 Woman and weaker individuals may have no means of self-defense from rape or other crimes, especially in the inner city.     1.  Every 2 minutes within the United States, someone is sexually assaulted.         a. Each year, there are around 207,750 sexual assault victims.         b. 54% of sexual assaults are never reported to the police. 97% of rapists NEVER spend a day in prison     2.  Development of how this cause can be overcome -- leading to the solution         a. How the cause is being handled currently

        b. How this current condition is inadequate
        c. How it might be handled differently
(Transition into main point 3)
C. Main point #3 Banning guns will create another potentially large source of organized criminal revenue, as a black market for guns will surely develop, along with taking away another piece of our liberty.     1. (Description of solution) Background checks need to be implemented UNIVERSALLY across the board         a. (How solution fits problem)

        b. (Example)
    2. (How solution can be implemented)
        a. (Plan of action)
            (1) (Step 1 of plan)
            (2) (Step 2 of plan)
            (3) (Step 3 of plan)
            (4) (Step 4 of plan)
        b. (Costs and efforts)
    3. (Picture results)
        a. (Describe expected results)
        b. (When results expected)
        c. (Additional benefits)
(Transition into conclusion)
III. Conclusion  
B.  Summary
D.  Memorable End

Attention step:
Opening statement of interest:

Imagine yourself walking home late at night from a friends house. It is very dark and hard to keep track of your surroundings. suddenly you hear footsteps quickly approaching you from behind. when you turn around you see a masked man with a knife. You have only 5 seconds to act, what do you do.

This situation can happen to anyone. Fortunately there is an easy solution in this situation. if you had a sidearm you could draw it in that 5 seconds and ward away the attacker. wouldn?t you feel safer with a firearm?

The United States has always been a firm believer of the right to bear arms. Our birth as a nation began when colonial soldiers took up arms against the tyranny of the British empire. I believe firearms are needed and should always have a place in the United States. Unfortunately, gun lobbyist and other anti-gun organizations are putting much unwanted pressure our inalienable rights.

Being a gun owner has given me the opportunity to practice my 2nd amendment rights. I own a variety of firearms which range from side-arms to semi-automatic sporting rifles which lobbyist and even our new elected president call assault weapons.

In this speech, i will explain to you how gun control does not work, the benefits of firearms, and how you can protect your 2nd amendment rights.

Need Step:
200 years ago when our founding fathers drafted the 2nd amendment, no one questioned private gun ownership. The Framers considered private firearms to be essential to protecting personal liberty, both as a means of opposing foreign threats and also as a check against excessive government power.(3)

Today, the...
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