Csr of Volkswagen

Topics: Diesel engine, Social responsibility, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: November 23, 2011
The direction of the company’s corporate societal marketing efforts

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be defined as the business practices that are based on ethical values, in order to meet the legal requirements, as well as respect for people, communities, marketplace and environment (what is corporate social responsibility, 2002). They are many different ways to determinate CSR, but the main purpose of the CSR can be explain as the management of stakeholder are giving concern toward the responsibility and the irresponsibility acts that related to the environmental, ethical and social phenomena in a way that create corporate benefit (Vaaland et al., 2008, p.931). Therefore, instant of making profits, the company also holds the responsibility to the impact of their production toward the people and the environment as well as the economy. As an international active vehicle manufacturer, Volkswagen took the sustainable environment protection as part of their responsibility. These responsibilities start from doing the future technology research, development and manufacturer of their products. For example, Volkswagen will check all their production areas in order to achieve the greatest possible environmental capability. (Das Auto, 2011).

The increased of the identification and loyalty with a company due to the CSR activities (Bhattacharya and Sen, 2004; Curras-Perez et al., 2009; Marin et al., 2009; Rego et al, 2010), indicates that CSR has been increasingly perceived as a strategy of corporate concern for deepening both employee and consumer commitment and relationships with organizations over time. This will not only increase the customers’ brand loyalty, but also the employees’ loyalty toward the company. The CSR provided for the employees’ safety such as hazardous substances at the workplace might cause the serious health problem to the employees concerned. In order to protect the employees, the investigations of the hazardous substances in the...
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