Barclays Bank: Business Law and Ethics

Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Social responsibility, Greenhouse gas Pages: 9 (2412 words) Published: February 4, 2013

Assignmen ( BA 3 ) :

Teacher: David Mwaura
Date of submission: 13/06/2012

Executive summary:


-What is Corporate social responsibility ?...

-Introducing Dell …

-Csr strategy of Dell…

-Environmental responsibility…

-Ethics and compliance…

-Creating a healthy workplace…



The definition of corporates social responsibility (CSR) previously given by the commission of Europe was: *Company’s concept of incorporating the social and environmental preoccupation in their business running and also in their interference with their stakeholders willingly *. There is a new definition which has been released in the new strategic plan that aims for providing a new modern vision of the corporate social responsibility and also a global approach: Actions done by corporation to society. In 2006, the first strategic plan was created with the making of European alliance for (CSR), the objective of this plan is to bring up new features for building a sustainable strategy. Corporate social responsibility is actually considered as part of the companies’ strategy orderly to enhance their competitiveness .A good CSR plan could bring: Benefits, cost savings, human resource management, customer relationships and also innovation capacity. The EUROPEAN COMMISSION settled 8 priority areas from 2011-2014: →Awareness-raising and a good practice exchange: (creating a European reward in order to promote market rewarding) →Help to multi-stakeholders initiative: (Settlement of sector-based platforms to make commitments) →Cooperation with Member States: (Insisting on the importance of national and sub-national corporate social responsibility policies). →Consumer information and transparency: (Enhancing levels of trust in any business). →Research: (Make csr more involved into research).

→Education: (More education and training in the field of CSR). → Small and medium-sized enterprises: (EU helps small and medium-sized enterprises to propagate the best practice). →The international dimension of CSR: (Better global approach to CSR).

Introducing my company (DELL):

In 1984, Michael Dell was still a student at the University of Texas when he founded Dell orderly to directly serve their customers with computers that provide their needs and the company used to be called PC’s limited. The next year, the company came out with their first computer called *Turbo*and had an 8 megahertz processor. The main objective was to create pc systems that were compatible with IBM. Dell reported 73 million dollars in their first year then the company became public in 1988 and made its first laptop in 1991 and by 1993 it became one of the top five computers company in the whole world. They started selling their products through internet in 1996, and then took over Compaq 3 years later. Moving a little bit forward, in 2003, Dell presents their first printers for the public, they are well known for being easy to use and versatile. However, Lexmark started working with them which changed their cartridges in order to avoid working with Dell printers. Dell has actually been developed with the help of acquisition since its beginning and also by improving its customer base : Alien ware(2006), Perot systems (2009), they are also into selling HDTV , cameras and other electronic devices made by several other manufacturers. CSR strategy of Dell:

Dell has been recognized by the environmental protection agency because of its leadership in green power, in July 2008, dell improved its position from 12th to 3th. Dell’s goal of being the greenest company, we call it initiative enviro 2.0. After one year of development and another...

References: Class notes:
-Week 5, 6 and 7.
(csr of dell)
*Corporate Social and Human Rights Responsibilities: Global, Legal and Management Perspectives by Karin Buhmann, Lynn Roseberry and Mette Morsing
*Introduction to business law , Metropolitan university
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