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Topics: General Motors, Corporate social responsibility, Toyota Pages: 4 (1454 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Toyota and GM: a Comparison of its Mission, Values, Social Responsibility, and Ethics Toyot Toyota and GM: a Comparison of its Mission, Values, Social Responsibility, and Ethics Toyota and General Motors are both in the manufacturing and sale of motor vehicles. They each have its own mission, values and conscientious effort to be socially responsible. A company’s mission, vision and core values define how the corporation functions and interacts with the local and global community. Corporations have a social responsibility and duty to protect the individual, society in which it operates and the corporation itself from harm. When corporations fail to follow their mission, values, and duty to social responsibility, it may run into problems of an ethical or legal nature. General Motor mission and value from its 2010 Annual Report: “The new General Motors has on clear vision: to design, build and sell the world’s best vehicles. Our new business model revolves around this vision, focusing on fewer brands, compelling vehicle design, innovative technology, and improved manufacturing productivity and streamlined, more efficient inventory processes. The end result is products that delight customers and generate higher volumes and margins- and ultimately deliver more cash to invest in our future vehicles.” (General Motors 2010 Annual Report, 2010) Toyota’s slogan of Moving Forward is in keeping with its mission statement and values. Each vision within the organization defines its mission. “Leading the way to a future of mobility Toy

Toyota's Global Vision not only calls for building better cars, but also expresses our goal of contributing to the creation of better communities. Toyota is developing new products and services for the future of mobility, with the goal of realizing practical, low-carbon mobility; new lifestyles; broad application of environmental technologies and infrastructure for safer mobility. Building cars that meet the needs of people in every region...
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