Topics: Refugee, IKEA, 10000000 Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Corporate social responsibility is considering the impact of the company’s actions on society. There are 4 components of CSR such as economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic responsibilities. For IKEA, they are using more philanthropic responsibilities in their organization which is being a good corporate citizen and providing programs to support community – education, human services/health and culture. There are millions of refugee children without a safe place to call home. There are millions of children being used for labour instead of going to school. There are women and girls that cannot unleash their potential in life simply because they are female. The IKEA FOUNDATION is always creates better opportunities for them. But they cannot do it in their own. Every day, together with their partners IKEA helps children in need to strengthen their opportunities. Their partners are UNICEF, the UN Refugee Agency, UNDP, Save the Children and so many other agencies. For example, they are using solar power to create a better shelter, so refugee families can read, write and cook, even at night. And they look to big organizations to get these solutions out to the many people. They are also partner up with IKEA customers and coworkers for good cause campaigns, like soft Toys for Education which has allowed them to donate an amazing €57 million to educate more than 10 million children so far. Their support for their partners comes in three shapes: They give cash grants. IKEA foundation is one of the world’s largest donors. The IKEA foundation has made the largest corporate donation ever received by UNHCR. This will enable them to house and feed as many as 120,000 refugees. To provide lasting positive change they fund long term programs like the UN Development programs empowering 2 million women in India. Furthermore, they helps those Indian women to learn financial and business skills to start their own micro enterprises. And IKEA works with Save the Children and UNICEF...
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