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  • Parts Per Million

    1) What it means. Simple version - imagine I have 1 million bottles in my drinks cupboard (which alas I do not ). If one of them is vodka and the rest are gin‚ then the vodka is "1 part per million".  If I go and swap some more gin bottles for vodka‚ so that I end up with 23 bottles of vodka and 999 977 gin‚ (so still a million in total)‚ then the vodka is now "23 parts per million" 2) Relating it to other units Returning to my hypothetical drinks cupboard - or a slightly more realistic version

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  • The Difference between a Million and a Billion

    difficult to conceptualize. The terms "billion" and "million" are often used in news reporting and discussions of government spending‚ international debt and the population of cities and countries. Being able to conceptualize the difference between a million and a billion helps comprehension of such discussions and data. 1. Numerical Terms o A million is a thousand thousand (1‚000‚000); a billion is a thousand million (1‚000‚000‚000). Numerically‚ a million is a "1" followed by six zeros; a billion is

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  • Millions by Frank Cottrell Boyce

    The novel Millions‚ written by Frank Cottrell Boyce is a fiction story of two British brothers and their father living in England. The story is about brothers‚ Damian and Anthony who discover stolen sterling money. The only problem is that they only have a few days to spend it as Britain will soon be changing to the Euro currency. (€). In the novel Frank Cottrell Boyce can effectively contrast the main characters‚ Damian and Anthony. Firstly‚ Damian and Anthony’s character can be contrasted

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  • Invest Write: How to Spend 1 Million Dollars Wisely

    bailout plans. Lucky for me I entered a contest and won 1 million dollars. How would I invest in it? I would first set up a plan on what I am going to do with the money. The plan would be to split up the money. Some would be for college. There would be an account for spending money‚ one for emergency money‚ and one for necessities. This would be my plan for investing. The first account I would set up would be for college. 50 % of the 1 million dollars would go there. This is 500 Thousand dollars

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  • What to Do with One Million Dollars- Charity

    Final- What I Would Do With a Million Dollars One million dollars has a lot of potential and would change one person’s or multiple peoples’ lives in a diverse amount of ways. Many people that do have that much money abuse it. I believe they spend their millions in wrong and irresponsible ways; many celebrities spend their riches on material items for themselves to make their own public image as a wealthy person by buying houses‚ cars‚ and designer items that the normal working class citizen could

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  • How Uber S Autonomous Cars Will Destroy 10 Million Jobs And Reshape The Economy By 2025

    How Uber’s Autonomous Cars Will Destroy 10 Million Jobs And Reshape The Economy by 2025 Since the beginning of the company‚ Uber has been consistently growing. This app based company took the industry by surprise. Not only did it revolutionize how someone gets a taxi‚ it also allowed independent drivers to use their own car as the taxi. Autonomous cars are something out of a sci-fi movie‚ yet the technology is real‚ and could potentially leave millions of Americans without jobs. Industry experts

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  • New Million Dollar Homepage Story

    New Million Dollar Homepage Story Back in 2005‚ a student in England named Alex Tew launched The Million Dollar Homepage‚ the home page consists of a million pixels arranged in a 1000×1000 pixel grid‚ through which he sold the pixels for $1 each. Although it was an extremely simple idea‚ the unique project attracted enormous amounts of press coverage‚ and eventually earned $1‚037‚100. It also spawned countless copycat websites‚ but as the old saying goes‚ lightning never strikes twice‚ the idea

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  • Million Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica

    Million dollar throw by mike lupica Have you ever wished you were a really good quarter back? Did you ever dream of making a million dollar throw? Well in this book‚ Million-Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica‚ Nate “Brady” Brodie gets the chance to do just that. He gets his opportunity to win one million dollars during halftime of a New England Patriots contest Thanksgiving Night. Nate is thirteen and plays football for the Valley Patriots. One day‚ after saving up money‚ he goes to a store called

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  • Million Dollar Baby Movie Review

    Million Dollar Baby‚ a non-fiction movie‚ featured the iconic director‚ producer and actor‚ Clint Eastwood. The lead actress was Hilary Swank‚ followed by the supporting actor Morgan Freeman. After its release on December 15‚ 2004‚ it grossed in just under $200 thousand on its opening box office weekend in the United States of America with only 8 screenings. It went on to win an Academy Award for Best Picture. A determined‚ poor‚ thirty-one year old woman named Maggie Fitzgerald decides to make

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  • Million Dollar Baby Movie Review

    Million Dollar Baby Throughout this course we have discussed about making good and bad decisions in life. In grade 12 curriculum we have watched a movie called A Million Dollar baby cast by Clint Eastwood as an Frankie Dunn (coach)‚ Hilary Swank as an Maggie Fitzgerald (female boxer) and Morgan Freeman Eddie "Scrap Iron"(gym keeper). In this movie Eastwood has shown in his movie a story about a struggling life of boxers and coach. In this movie an actor and director is playing a role

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