Ikea Impacts on social and impacts to p

Topics: Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA, Furniture Pages: 4 (1057 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Ikea Impacts on society and people
Ikea was the largest furniture retailer in the United Kingdom. They successfully promoted their product in the worldwide. Their product was come with a common impression: unique design and affordable price. What they have done is to make the style more accessible (Harrison, 2005) •Compared to the traditional furniture product, they totally changed the old perception: furniture is expensive and if want with better design furniture that is more expensive. The design of Ikea product was break out perception of peoples, where easy assembly and can carry by themselves back home. Furthermore, Ikea Company was provided a new shopping style which is one-stop shopping experience: people can buy and take their furniture home in the same day. All of their product 1production and design by themselves: even for the raw material they have their own manufacturer factory. Other than that, all of the Ikea product are environmentally friendly: they using recycle and reuse raw material to make their own product that without using chemicals to make furniture. Those strategies and plan were contributed by its originator, Ingvar Kamprad. The furniture company- Ikea was having great impact on society and peoples. Ikea Company was Initiated eco-friendly furniture. This sustainability movement has attracted many peoples that intended to make their effort in saving the plant and earth. In common, furniture is made from wood and is heavily contributed to the Co2 emission. In order to address this situation, Ikea was tried their best to counter this problem. ‘A good example of this is the like board-on-frame that puts a core of stiff card between thin sheets of wood’ (Jasmine, 2010). Ikea was work out to use CFL and LED light in their chain store to lower down the energy consumption: reduce Co2 emission. Some more, their product was using reuse and recycle unwanted material such as plastic, wood, paper and processed into a new Ikea product. Their raw...
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