Crm Methodology

Topics: Employment, Corporate social responsibility, Social responsibility Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: May 5, 2013
The research methodology required gathering evidence that exemplified the advantages and disadvantages of implementing an employee volunteer program at Challenger Enterprises. The research obtained is an insight to the types of programs that other leading companies have created and the way that it heightened company image. Though employee volunteer programs require time and dedication, through systematic planning, Challenger Enterprises will be able to obtain new business, enhance customer relationships and most importantly, gain a good reputation.

The research on corporate social responsibility was obtained from academic journals and articles. For example, the article titled, “The Costs and Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility,” by Kaeokla, Pompipat, Jaikengkit, and Aim-Om provides information about how corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs have benefited companies in terms of increased profit and image. Many other academic journals, cited in the reference page, also distinguish the benefits that employees obtain from CSR programs and how this also benefits the overall company. According to “Everyone’s a Winner with Ford of Canada’s Employee-Volunteer Program,” companies should attempt to reach triple reciprocity from their CSR programs. Triple reciprocity means that the company, the employees and the communities all benefit from the programs implemented. By attaining triple reciprocity, the company will then be able to obtain these benefits.

The articles acquired for this research paper have all pointed out the types of advantages from implementing CSR programs. For example, obtaining new business, increasing relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees, helping the planet, helping society, being environmentally friendly, increasing company profit, increasing cost savings, becoming a role model, and becoming an employer of choice are all reasonably obtainable goals. By starting a CSR...
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