Corporate Social Responsibility in Sports

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Over the past several years the sports industry has grown phenomenally, and it now ranks among the largest industries in the world. Concomitant with its growth is an increase in the importance of a element of value which is the corporate social responsibility which has become a necessity in terms of the bottom line. Illegal and immoral activities in all settings have emerged to the point that some factions of the society have made efforts to call those in charge to take responsibility and improve situations. As managers learning to adopt a social consciousness leading to a commitment of being socially responsible is paramount to the execution of one’s job. Developing a social consciousness and being socially responsible assists managers with the creation of a sound professional philosophy and subsequent ethical action. This essay in a step by step progression, explains the emergence of this element, its key ingredients and how sports can be used as a vehicle in order to promote this factor. There are two sides of ethics which are personal and professional which can also be cast in terms of social responsibility. Overall the essay emphasizes that good management is good ethics.

2. Corporate social responsibility
Corporate social responsibility refers to the moral and legal accountability on the part of individuals and corporations towards others and social institutions. Those in leadership positions must be aware of social issues and problems to establish laudable goals and ensure practices are fair and just. As decision makers the managers must treat others with dignity and respect, must ensure that the integrity of sport is maintained, and must pledge to do what is best from organisational and communal standpoints ( DeSeni & Rosenberg, 2003) The principles and practices of CSR have been the focus of great attention and examination in the management literature for over three decades. Similarly, for over a century, businesses across a variety of sectors have integrated the concepts of CSR into their organizational strategies, demonstrating that support for worthy causes is an inherent and necessary corporate resource. While numerous definitions and interpretations of the concept of CSR have been offered and important frameworks have been developed (Carroll, 1979, 1999), CSR can be broadly understood as the responsibility of organizations to be ethical and accountable to the needs of their society as well as to their stakeholders. CSR is not pure philanthropy, but rather, a holistic business mindset, much like a corporate culture, where the “socially responsible” obligations of the firm could and indeed, should incorporate both social and economic interests

2.1 Reflective analysis on the real situation (meaning and relevance) This indicates that social responsibility is directly related to the social contract that exists between the business of sport and the setting or society in which it operates. The social contract refers to those accepted obligations, duties and relationships between organisations or institutions and the people that relate to the corporate impact on the welfare of the society. This makes the social responsibility of sport, as with any business, a significant part of the social contract (Steiner, 1972). Recently businesses in general have given much attention to employee welfare, support for minorities, consumer satisfaction, community improvement, and environmental protection. It has also been noted that such emphases have not had a unified impact on public opinion. The reason for this may be attributed to the fact that these objectives are not explicit and do not appear to fit into an overall plan with the organisation. Within the management planning, the objectives selected by the organisation, in some cases, relate to social awareness and social responsibility. Non profit organisation are based on such awareness and on the awareness of...

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