Crm Case Study

Topics: Customer service, Management, Service system Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: February 24, 2013
CRM is short for communication relations management, it is a model for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. When a city department is contacted for help CRM infrastructure behind the answers they receive. The CRM provides calls to be routed to the right person and then follows up to confirm that action was taken. It provides a full view of a customers data by allowing a database to be created of problems and solutions, so that changing trends can be addressed.

1. How did the DTIS CRM team change the business process for dealing with abandoned vehicles in San Francisco? How did the old business process work, and what kinds of problems arose? Why was it necessary to change the business process before developing a new CRM system? The old process used a voicemail system in which customers would have to leave a voicemail with their complaint. Then somebody else would have to listen to it and hand write it in a book. The DTIS team changed their business process by facilitating the use of the voicemail messages by automatically cataloging them into a computer system where a employee can integrate notes and keep track of repeated calls.

2. Why is a CRM particularly useful for the support of “interaction” jobs (described in the text chapter) as opposed to “transaction jobs?” When dealing with customers requires mostly interaction, resulting in a need to facilitate that interaction to make processes more efficient and effective.

3. How does this city-wide system help different agencies collaborate with one another? It makes it so agencies can display and trade their information with each other efficiently and at a low cost. 4. How has the system installed by DTIS helped integrate information among city agencies? What difference would this make for customer service? The information is inputted in a computer system, so that everyone in the agency can be trained to use the same type of software to run and...
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