Critical Success Factors

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Quality is a very important factor in restaurants because a visit in a restaurant is usually something people do to enjoy rather something that is of vital importance. Even if the prices for the meals in a restaurant are low and the delivery times short this cannot compensate for poor quality of the food, specially also because this is a health aspect. This makes it necessary to implement a quality control system to ensure that the quality of the food is always on a high level. In a restaurant, there are 6 important areas which have to be considered.

Accessibility, parking and surroundings
Kitchen cleanliness and utensils
Safety measures
Dining room

Beside that, the good quality service in restaurants also requires understanding what the customer wants and supplying it, providing the service without much delay, serving the customer with good quality food and beverages, listening politely to customer complaints and taking proper action to redress the complaints as quickly as possible, making the customer delighted at every moment of his or her stay in the restaurant. One result of Total Quality Management is higher customer satisfaction which is also one of the most crucial aspects for restaurants. A major part of the advertising for a restaurant is done by word-of-mouth recommendation by satisfied customers.

Tarin Thai restaurant
Critical Success Factors

Accessibility, parking and surroundings

The owner considers location being important in Melbourne. Therefore, the restaurant decided to locate in central area of the city so that it can easy to be found. The surrounding of the restaurant is shopping center so it is an advantage of the restaurant.


The restaurant provides sufficient reception facility which is easy to be notices such as brochure, menu at the front and business card. In order to decrease waiting period and facilitate customer, there is at least one receptionist at the...
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