Critical Analyse the Activities in Class

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Critical Appraisal of Learning and Teaching Activities

A common view of L1 should be used as less as possible in English-language classroom. However, there is not any criteria about in which situations teachers can use L1 in English class and how much they can use in L1. Within the classroom, students share different characteristics and different levels of English. If the L2 are used in the whole class, it is inevitable for students who can not understand the teachers in some degrees. As we can see from Krashen's the "Input hypothesis"(1984) in language acquisition, the successful acquisition by students of a second language had to be comprehensible. Using L2 in the whole teaching and learning process can not be regarded as a comprehensible input. The sporadic use of L1 by both teachers and learners can help the learning and comprehension. In this paper, I have chosen two learning and teaching activities which related to the use of L1 in L2 class and critical appraisal of the use of L1 in L2 classroom.

How to use the first activity
The first activity I have chosen is "Dos and Don'ts". The purpose of activity is training the students speaking skill by using the target sentence structure. Before class teacher made up a topic about Christmas which students can think about the dos and don'ts in the activity. Teacher also prepared some necessary vocabularies which students probably use to describe the Christmas. In the class, teacher will firstly ask students the dos they usually do in Christmas by using L1 and then turn to the don'ts. Student can not discourage to use their L1 to talk about this topic. At the same time, teacher will write down the key words in L2 which the students used to describe dos and don'ts in the screen and also can write down some necessary vocabularies prepared before in order to help the students brainstorm. Next stage, teacher will divide the students into some groups(one group with 4 or 5students) and then give the...

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