Creating Professional Writing

Topics: Writing, Critical thinking, Writing process Pages: 4 (966 words) Published: March 18, 2016
David Kennedy
WRD 104-106

Reflective Essay
Creating professional writing is one of the most challenging processes to learn and understand. Along with understanding the English language, rhetoric and composition are the tools that communicate thoughts and ideas. It is a curriculum that may never be completely mastered, but I hope I have made significant strides through my Word 104 class this autumn.

There have been many different forms of writing that has been analyzed, critiqued, revised, constructed and strategized throughout the course. Different rhetorical situations have helped me develop my writing, reading and thinking ability. Overall, the wide array of writing processes have helped me develop confidence in organizing communication through the English language.

One of the fundamental pillars of the writing is process is revision. Revision has been something that I have often overlooked and quite frankly, had not put enough time and effort into. Revision is the process of returning to writing that has been constructed, and making necessary changes in order to improve the overall quality. Two important focal points of revision is the intended audience and context. During the course, I have improved my revision skills by remembering who my intended audience is. Once I focus on the audience, the context of the writing comes appropriately.

Word 104 has allowed me to take extra time in reading pieces of writing and revising each piece by finding areas of writing to change or improve. Revision has also been a crucial part of my portfolio for the course. The portfolio for the course has many important parts, but the audience, purpose and context has been crucial.

Creating the digital portfolio for this course has been a multilayered task. First, the purpose of the portfolio is to showcase the work that I have completed throughout the course. In order to achieve this goal, I had to create an organized set up that is parallel in...
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