Cost Efficiency through System Automation

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1. Introduction
In spite of economic recession, the economy of Bangladesh has become the 48th largest economy in the world. The telecommunication sector holds a major portion of that economy. Currently six telecommunication companies are operating in Bangladesh. About 101.21 million customers are subscribed with those telecommunication companies. Among the six players of this sector Robi Axiata Ltd. is the “Emerging Market Service Provider of the Year”. Approximately, it grasps 21.65% customers of those subscribers. It has been operating its business work since 1997 as brand named “AKTEL”. In 2010, its management has transferred to Axiata group with brand named “Robi Axiata Ltd” At present the company is operating its one of the major part called “Fleet management” through a manual process. Now the management of Robi Axiata Ltd. has decided to automate this process through fleet automation to minimize the internal cost and to improve the operational Excellency. For this reason Robi Axiata Ltd. selected me as an intern to help it for making a report on process automation. 1.1 Origin of the Report

During the 3-month internship period in Robi Axiata Ltd, I was assigned to the task by Mohammad Khokon Meah, Manager Fleet Management (Facility& Services.), Robi Axiata Ltd, to prepare a project on process automation. Md. Mohabbat Hosen, Lecturer, Department Of Business Administration IBAIS University-Bangladesh, accepted the proposal to supervise the report as guide on behalf of Dept. of Accounting, IBAIS University-Bangladesh. This report is about the process Automation: Cost Efficiency and Operational Excellency. Here the report contains how to automate the current manual system of fleet management and benefits of the automation.

1.2 Objective of the Report

There are mainly two objectives of the reports. As follows:
A. Broad Objective:
1. To accomplish the requirement of BBA program as necessitated by Dept. of Accounting of IBAIS University. 2. To automate the process of fleet management of Robi Axiata Ltd. for providing world standard fleet support in a cost effective manner. B. Specific Objectives

1. To reduce internal cost by managing fleet in a cost effective manner 2. To expedite and make effective vehicle management system. 3. To improve operational activities
4. To make a centrally web-based application
5. To ensure the safety, security integrity and improve satisfaction level of employee. 6. Finally to ensure the best utilization of company asset as well as satisfy the stake holders’ expectation.

1.3 Scope of the study
The scope of the study is limited within telecommunication business in Bangladesh. It is also limited within the organization of Robi Axiata Ltd. This study also shows an overview of Robi Axiata Ltd. Robi Axiata Ltd. is the market follower in the mobile telecommunication industry of Bangladesh. But in this edge of competition, it is very complex to hold the market position. The study intends to provide a brief but complete idea about the automation process of fleet management of Robi Axiata Ltd. Also through this study an evaluation of the operational activities and costs efficiency has done and some problems have been identified that hinder the better performance. Finally, recommendations have been mentioned to improve operation of fleet and other processes to being automated for reducing the internal costs.

1.4 Methodology
This report is an exploratory research. Exploratory research often relies on secondary research such as reviewing available literature and/or data, or qualitative approaches such as informal discussions with consumers, employees, management or competitors, and more formal approaches through in-depth interviews, focus groups, projective methods, case studies or pilot studies. The Internet allows for research methods that are more interactive in nature. The objective of...
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