automation in air traffic controller

Topics: Air traffic control, Automation, Problem solving Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: October 18, 2014
Air traffic controller is a profession that are trained to expedite and maintain a safe and orderly flow in global air traffic control system. Means, the ATC are very important in conduct the air traffic so that there are no conflict occurs. A conflict situation occurs when two or more aircraft are too close to each other, violating the horizontal and vertical to separation distance of 5 nautical miles(NM) and 1000 feet in the current ATM standards. This profession need highly specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities because it need to make a decision in highly uncertain and complex environment for the assurance separation between aircraft. The continuous flow of moving aircraft cannot be stopped since the air traffic are always busy with the aircrafts. The main task of the ATC is to prevent conflict situation in order to guarantee a high level of safety. Each of the ATC have their own sector that have a maximum number of aircraft allowed to enter the sector during a time period because to ensure the ATC would not facing an excess workload and ensure safe traffic condition safe. It is obvious that the traffic increase, predicted by European Commission (2001) and Eurocontrol Air Traffic Statistics and Forecast Service (2004), demands an increase in the number of aircraft per sector. This will result in more stress on the ATC. This research is about designing an automation of speed and heading change in a simplified plan view display for ATC. The research is to study the effect of automation towards human perceived workload either it can reduce or increase the workload.

Problem Statement

The task of being ATC are very stressful. It need consistently and highly focus in order to maintain all the aircraft in high level of safety. Since there are an increment number of aircraft year by year. The workload perceived by ATC is need to be in acceptable level. In response to this problem, my study purpose is to design the automation of...
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