Computer Database Technology

Topics: Workflow, Management, Automation Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: November 9, 2008
Title: Computer database technology
This paper investigates such important aspect of car business as database technology, in particular workflow database technology and its influence on the productivity. The main aim of this paper is to investigate the role of database technology in car plants. Nowadays there are hundred of workflow products and technologies at the market. Thus the database technologies are influencing this area this or that way. Databases assure a simple and easy access to data and workflow management systems are the main support for data in these environments. The usage of workflow systems at car companies increase its productivity and help to do a business. Workflow is the automation of a business process during which documents or data are handed from one person to another in accordance with a number of procedural regulations. At first, the work was taken from one worker to another. The key profit was that the work was handed to people. The delivery was automated. Every worker could see that work was ready for setting up. Workflow management systems (WFMS) are used for organization of work and thus, they support execution and monitoring of business process. Many car companies are remodeling their business and make it more effective and productive with the workflow systems. Workflow database technology is a significant aid as it is a necessary technology. Nowadays its practice and concept have developed and matured greatly. Workflow should be correctly implemented in order to function properly as the technology has a great influence on the company work. Nowadays workflow technology has modified and it is the process itself that is automated. It has many advantages. They are the following: managers can give better service to customers; the time to do the work has become less, mistakes are admitted; data about the work is available at any time; organizations can automate and redefine the business process at any possible time; communications are...
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