Company: Delta Airline

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Company: Delta Airline

1. What are the major business processes, i.e. operations, the organisation carries out? Here I did selected Delta Airlines as a company for my research. This company is providing a wide range of the air traffic facilities in different parts of the world. In other words we can say that there are many operational routs of this airline company and all the routes are very much beneficial. Another uniqueness of this company is a verity of airplanes including airbuses and jumbo etc. At this time the company owns more than seven hundred different aeroplanes of different size and capacity. Delta Airline is providing facilities to the people of the world to more from one place to another by air. The services and facilities of the company are very helpful for the passengers and also this company is providing enough revenue for the development of different airports and also in air traffic control system. They are also providing different types of devices and scanners for checking the bags and other luggage of the passengers on the airport.

List the information systems that are used to automate these processes.

The information system of the delta airline is governed at different levels and stages. For managing all the information and data the company is using some E-commerce platforms and these platforms are using different techniques to gather the information of the business process. And according to the requirements of the company these systems are providing managed and organized data for different purposes.

Company is using different information systems to manage and boost their business accordingly. First of all they are using an online website for complete details and information’s. They are also using the ERP system to interconnect different business process and locations.

Explain how ONE of these information systems is used to automate one of the processes.

ERP is the main and very important information system and this system is working in different offices of the company and this system is managing the internal activities, procedures and accounts of the company. The whole working of the company is computerised and for this purpose they are using an ERP system to manage the business transactions and many other business procedures. This ERP system is managing all the internal and external working of the company and now the managers and other admin related people can get daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports of the business. How much they are investing and what is their outcome. And also which rout is more beneficial and which rout is facing lose. This system can also mange the internal accounts of the company, like different salary packages, sales and purchase etc. Hence, we can say that this information system is providing a complete access and functionality to manage the working and business of the company

Describe one complete situation in which an end user uses this information system. Your description should be a textual narrative (in English), i.e. do not use diagrams.

By using website (information system) the customers can get their required information and other inquires easily and accurately. By using this information system (website) the users can navigate their bookings and also they can confirm their seats by selecting source and destination. This website is also providing different guidelines and offers to the customers. This information system is completely managing the business of the company, because a complete backend system is working behind this website and this system will collect all the information’s. By using this backend system the managers can easily get their required reports and information about the business direction and trends.

Who heads the development (or heads procurement decisions) of information systems in the organisation? Who is doing the planning, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance?

The CEO of...
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