Dilemma in Implementing a New ERP System: Braj Industries Limited Case Study

Topics: Enterprise resource planning, SAP AG, Microsoft Pages: 4 (912 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Braj Industries Ltd.
Braj was a mid-cap listed company renowned for its focus on innovations pushed by its and technology-focused top management. Policy of the company: Energy equations around the world are changing rapidly, making renewable energy sources a part of every nation’s energy policy. The main business line of the company is the innovations in Biofuels.

Current Scenario of the Company
* Over 500 references in more than 50 countries
* Presence in many countries like Bangkok (Thailand), Manila (Philippines), Johannesburg, Houston, the Netherlands and Sharjah (UAE) apart from India. * High growth rate
* Complexity of business is grown in volume, geography, Sectors, products, currencies and cultures. * No cross functional information sharing across islands. * Risks are growing, Efficiencies are Low

Necessity of ERP
* Business Integration
* Flexibility
* Better analysis and planning capabilities
* Use of latest technology
Roadmap for successful implementation of ERP software
* Gap analysis: This is used to identify the improvisations necessary to improve the line of business. It also includes the negotiations between the company requirements and the functions as a package process. It enables the company to run smoothly. * Clearly defining the objectives,targets,

Types of ERP software available in the market
Oracle Fusion
Micro Dynamics
JD Edwards
People’s Soft
Description of SAP
* World’s leading provider of business software.
* SAP software runs in more than 120 countries.
* More than 86000 customers
* Does more than just lay a solid foundation for your business strategy  * Help you improve cash flow
* Streamline business processes and operations and optimize corporate services. * Ensure your day-to-day operations run smoothly
* Confidently address evolving regulatory standards and mitigate risk * This ERP software can help keep s firm well ahead...
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