Comparison of 3 ERP systems

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Comparison of Three ERP Systems

From early 2008, after about 5-year feeding period, China's collaboration software market was beginning to mature. Survey data show that, for nowadays, China-related ERP software vendors are more than 500, and stable but not that world-famous products may has been over 100. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, as the main location of the headquarters of collaboration software vendors, are the biggest consumer areas as well. We now choose two of these, and compare them to the most well-known ERP system.

Oracle ERP


Kingdee ERP
System Development Background
ORACLE ERP entire system after more than ten years of research and development, which is the company's employees by ORACLE database system developed on the basis of studies conducted to establish the basis for research and development on the application system. At present it is mainly engaged in the research and development of database software, now the world's second stream of ERP software vendors, research and development investment in human resources has more than 5,000 people, many companies are using it in the world, it uses the world's advanced management ideas, the formation of the corresponding ERP system, at present, it always thinking of SAP ERP catch management system. UF ERP is China's largest management software, ERP software, financial software provider, is China's largest independent software vendors. ERP software market in China, UF software market share of the largest, most extensive product line, the most successful application of the industry's most extensive coverage, the largest service network, the delivery capacity of the strongest. UF Software has maintained a comprehensive rapid growth in the year 2002-2004 the world's top 60 largest enterprise application software vendors, with an average annual growth rate of close to 36% among the fastest-growing companies first two.

Is a set of enterprise-class solutions to meet the different competitive environment, different manufacturing, under business models, as well as the business under a different business model, from a business daily operations, human resources management to the office transaction processing, such as full product solutions. UF ERP is an integrated information management as the basis to regulate business operations, improve operating results as the goal, to help enterprises "to optimize resources, improve management" to achieve profitable growth for the market. UF ERP is an integrated enterprise operating platform to solve different managers at all levels to meet the different requirements of information technology: provide a lot of information about the benefits and risks of the decision-making for senior managers, assist enterprises to develop long-term development strategy; for middle managers provide operational status of each enterprise operational level, to help achieve the monitoring of events, discover, analyze, resolve, feedback and other treatment processes to help achieve the optimal ratio of input and output; provide convenient working environment for line managers, ease of operation to achieve jobs and job functions effectively fulfilled. Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited is a Hong Kong Stock Exchange main board listed company (stock code: 0268), China's software industry leader in the Asia-Pacific region leading enterprise management software, the world's leading middleware software, online management and full e-commerce service providers. Kingdee to help customers succeed, so that China's rise as a global management mission, worldwide more than 800,000 businesses and government organizations to successfully deliver a management consulting and information technology services. Kingdee six consecutive years by IDC China SME ERP market share in the first, the fourth consecutive year by "Forbes Asia's" Best SME as Asia, 2007 by Gartner worldwide have the ability to provide under one of 19 major...

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