Technology of Delta Airlines

Topics: Airline, Delta Air Lines, RFID Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: May 13, 2007
Delta Technology, Inc is a company based out of Atlanta, Georgia which manages all of Delta's Air Line's information technology solutions, development, and support, including the award winning Delta Nervous System. Although the company is owned by Delta Air Lines it has a whole separate top management team. The current CEO is Shirley Bridges; she oversees 2,000 of Delta Technologies employees. Their mission statement ("Delta Technology exists to enable Delta Air Lines to fully achieve its goals by leveraging technology to create a competitive advantage."), suggests necessity to understand today's ever changing technologies requiring Delta Technology, Inc to exist. They are constantly scanning the environment for changes, especially closely monitoring competitors' use of technology. Considering the complexity of the system used to manage ticket sales, reservations, times, dates, prices, and destinations, Delta Technology is continuously going to be looking for ways to make things more efficient. From 1997 to 2002 Delta invested $1.5 billion on technology innovations alone, bringing making them a leader to other air lines. This investment allowed the ability to buy tickets, check arrival times, quote prices, and check in over the internet. These uses of technology have made things quicker for initial booking of fares, but are only the beginning when it comes to the technologies required for the operation of Delta. When passengers rely on the pilots and ground crews for safety it is in Delta's best interest to go further then the competition to offer customers superior technology to make sure nothing goes wrong, and to detect if there could be a possible failure. Delta has announced the use of radio frequency identification tags to help keep track of passenger's luggage and prevent luggage loss. Currently the misrouting of baggage is costing Delta $100 million a year; with the implementation of the tags by 2007 it should cut costs significantly. These...
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