Bpo Case

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Case: BPO, Incorporated
Due to the increased competition, many companies turn to business process outsourcing to reduce costs. BPO is a professional services organization provides services from risk management/insurance brokerage to management consulting. However, recently the customer satisfactions of BPO have been decreasing while the customer complaints have been increasing. So they decide to research the situation of BPO’s operation system and update the ongoing Six Sigma project to improve the efficiency and effectiveness. The researchers have provided the data and advices for improving the process, and then the Executive Vice President needs to make the final decision. BPO case questions:

1. Define the problem faced by BPO
The operational problems are inefficient and ineffective, negatively impacting the profitability and service levels of the Health and Welfare Service Delivery Process. For BA, the time spent on each process is too much and not stable. For CSRs, the schedule of CSRs doesn’t match the timeline of service demand, leading to low utilization. Moreover, the unreasonable order of problem solving between BA and CSRs always leads to delay of callback. All above does make clients unsatisfied. 2. What are the appropriate measures that should be taken to assess and improve the problem? First appropriate measure is Six Sigma, which has been used in BPO. Using Six Sigma, the problem can be assessed and improved efficiently. The second measure is process map. The manager can find the bottlenecks of the operational process and try to break them through drawing an accurate process map. Additionally, A3 Report is also a good measure, since we may solve the problem by finding the root cause and figuring out some countermeasures. 3. Analyze the situation?

The Health and Welfare Service Delivery Process consists of Database Update and Participant Care. For DU sub-process, one BA only takes charge of one client. The normal flow...
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