Corning Inc.: Technology Strategy in 2003

Topics: Optical fiber, Fiber-optic communication, Glass Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: January 15, 2009
Corning Inc.: Technology Strategy in 2003

Corning Inc. got its start in the mid 19th century as a top producer of glass. Early on in the history of the company they had been able to achieve much success through their ability to innovate and come up with new and better uses for glass. Other companies whose products relied on innovation, like Thomas Edison and the railroad industry, used Corning as their go to supplier for high end glass products. Through a continued commitment to research and development the company was able to continually expand and broaden its influence. New types of glass were constantly tested and created in the Corning labs allowing the company to penetrate multiple markets. Cookware became a cornerstone for the company as its Corning ware like of glass cooking and baking products grew in popularity. As the company aged, they continued to keep pace with innovation that was happening across the national marketplace. As televisions became a mainstream household item, Corning was there as the #1 supplier of television bulbs. They even went as far as developing the first color television tube years before they became commercially available. The success of the company on these fronts was their ability to see what the demand for glass products would be far down the line and have faith in their R & D to deliver with innovative technology that continually put Corning in the driver seat as the lead supplier in new glass products. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s Corning started to have some serious success with telecommunications fiber optics. With a new CEO, who was obsessed with growth, the company decided to spin off some of their other ventures to focus on what they believed to be the areas that held the most potential for growth. This led to the sale of the medical services, which was the source of much success within the company, and what the company was the best known for their consumer line of products, which...
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