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Layout is the logical arrangement of components of an advertisement in the copy. It refers to the overall structure, the position assigned to the various elements of the copy and illustrations. It is deciding on the placement of headlines, copy, illustrations, marketer’s name, logo and the amount of free space in an advertisement copy. Thus, the physical arrangement of all the elements of advertisement is called layout. It is concerned with placing all the elements of the advertisement more attractively within the allotted space and time. The pattern of layout varies according to the medium to be used. Definition

According to Sandage and Fryburger, “The plan of an advertisement, detailing the arrangement of various parts and relative spatial importance of each is referred to as layout”. Preparation of a layout

A layout is a plan for the guidance of the printer in arranging the units of an advertisement. Usually the layout man or visualize prepares a rough Layout which is submitted to the client for approval and he draws the finished layout for the guidance of the printer. In the creation of television commercials the layout is known as a “Storyboard” which a series of pictures is of frames that coincides with the audio or sound script. A Radio does not utilize illustrations, except those that the medium can create with a description. Television, of course makes an extensive use of illustrations. A well conceived layout can be instrumental in obtaining attention comprehension, attitude change and behavior change. Advertisers employ various layout techniques to attain their objectives. Functions of an Advertising Layout

An advertisement layout is a blueprint. The main functions of layout are:- Assembling Different Parts
The main function of layout is to assemble and arrange the different parts or elements of an advertisement illustration, headline sub headlines, slogans, body text and the identification mark etc., and boarder and other...
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