Contaband Sources in Australian Prison

Topics: Prison, Penology, Mobile phone Pages: 14 (4792 words) Published: August 4, 2013
1.0 Introduction
1.1 The Problem

There are several reports from different state of Australia involving contraband, in particular illicit drug, entering the correctional service facility. Contraband that enters the Correctional services posts a several problems to the community and to the correctional facility itself. These are the following: * Rupture of public confidence in security and safety from prison system. * It imposes a threat to the lives of inmates, custodial officers and the public. * An indication of having a corrupt correctional system and perhaps, will be the source of public scorn which will lead to deterioration of integrity of the whole Correctional constitution. * Criminals may intimidate and threaten the public outside the facility, orchestrate crimes, coordinate escapes, bribe prison officers and create security breaches. The issue of contraband inside the correctional services creates a perception that the policies and procedure are not being implemented. Such policies and procedure make individual custodial officers accountable and facilitate practices compliant with prescribed standards to prevent the entry and availability of contraband in the prison. 1.2 Aim

The aim of my research report is to review the issues regarding contraband and the reasons behind the misconduct duties of police prison officers, and its impact to the public and correctional staffs’ safety. It also aims to express the significance of contraband in the hands of prisoners according to the opinion of the public community. In addition to that, my report also aims to make a consideration with some scheme in order to control and prevent the use and smuggling of contraband inside the correctional facilities in the future.

1.3 Scope

My report includes some other forms of contraband (aside from illicit drugs) that entered the prison correctional services. For example is mobile phone. Additionally, it includes a different article report about the corruption of a prison officer in regards to smuggling of contraband. A different plan to detect and control the smuggling of contraband inside the prison as well as before it enters the facility is also included in my report. In addition, my report contains a survey that expresses public thought about the correctional services from 8 different state of Australia.

1.4 Limitations

There are limitations in doing my report. These consist of an access to correctional facility, a conversation with prison officer, an interview with a prison, and an access to data report about the misconduct of prison officer regarding the possession and smuggling of contraband. My report was authorized by Nicole Tennant for the demonstration of wide range knowledge on justice related issues in corrective service by means of comprehensive research and analytical skills to satisfy the course requirements.

2.0 Methodology
2.1 Materials

My report is based on research carried out between February and April 2013 using qualitative and some quantitative methods. The aim of the research is to gather enough evidence and data to support my written report about the smuggling of contraband inside the Correctional Service facility and the involvement of police and correctional officers in the issue. I’ve made a literature review from the different publications from news website, different commissions’ reports and technology working groups as regards to some complaints, cases, and investigations of contraband smuggling and the people involved in the matter. A survey was carried out in 6 Federated and 2 Self-governing States of Australia, namely: * New South Wales

* Victoria
* Queensland
* South Australia
* Western Australia
* Northern Territory
* Tasmania
* Australian Capital Territory
There were 10 random- picked people each state to answer the 10 question survey. The survey was personally made and generated using the Google Documents and Google Drive and...
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