Consumer Buying Motives

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Marketing, Psychology Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: June 22, 2013
 There are five major buying motives: physical, psychological,rational, emotional, product, and patronage. Locate a magazinead that appeals to each of these different buying motives. Selecteach ad and fill out the table below. Put the Ads in order,according to your chart and staple to this sheet. Buying motive


prescribing motives and specific prescribing motives for aparticular indication, or type of patient.When prescribing a product, one, two, or three motives willnormally be enough to make the sale, if we have planned well andhave selected the correct motives. All of these motives have to besupported with plenty of proof from analyzing the product forfeatures, advantages, and benefits. Emotional Buying Motive.

 This is a motive that prompts the prospect to act because of anappeal to some sentiment or passion. However, the most powerfulof emotional motives can be associated to humans' most basicdrivers: Fear or Gain. Emotional motives can generally be seen asthose of the heart as opposed to the head and made to satisfy awish for pleasure, comfort, or social approval. However, whenassociated with fear or greed, some elements of rationality comeinto play. For example: (a) Fear-decision to buy a life insurancepolicy out of fear that spouse and children will be without supportor (b) Gain - decision to buy a stock or bond because it haspotential (real or imagined) that it will increase in value.Emotional motives are very powerful and often are the underlyingbasis of the DMB, dominant buying motive. Successful salespeopleask "feel-finding" questions during the "Recognition of Needs"phase of the buying process to uncover these powerful motives.

Rational Buying Motive.
 This is a motive which usually appeals to the customer's reason orlogical judgment. A buying decision based on rational buyingmotives is generally the result of an objective review of...
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