Consumer Behaviour : Sony Playstation3

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Consumer Behaviour Assignment -2012-13

PlayStation 3

Rahul Pandit
M.A. Advertisement & Marketing

No.| Particulars| Pg.No.|
1.| Company Introduction.| |
2.| Product Introduction.| |
3.| The Perceptual Process.| |
4.| Attitude; The Functional Theory Of Attitudes.| |
5.| Need & Behaviour; Need Recognition Process.| |
6.| Conclusion.| |

Company Introduction

Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate, with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. It's one of the biggest multinationals in the world, which is raked 87 in the Fortune Global 500 latest 2012 list (Sony, 2012). It manufactures, develops, designs and sells a wide range of products and services for professionals, general consumers and industries including video games, software and consoles. The major segments of the company are : Pictures, Music, Sony mobile communications, consumer products and services, finance services, etc. The company is also listed in the New York and Tokyo stock exchanges. Moreover, Sony has won a great number of awards for their innovation, design, packaging, etc. A few of them are : Japan Package Design Award, National Commendation for invention, Japan manual Awards, Design for Asia Award, etc (Sony 2012).

Financial Performance of Sony 2011-2012
Year ended 31 March| 2011 $m| 2012 $m| % change 2011-2012| Net Sales| 86,172| 77.916| -9.6|
Net sales by segment:– Consumer Products & Services– Operating profit| 46,2002400| 37,644-804| -18.5-| Operating profit by segment:– Consumer Products & Services– Pre-tax profit| 1322,460| -2,760-996| --| Source : Company Annual Reports/Mintel 2012

Product Information
A ‘gaming console’ is defined as any device specifically built to facilitate the playing of games (Mintel, 2012). Gaming consoles are the most sought after electronics. 16% of the people who own a gaming console spend approximately 6-8 hours/week playing video games. On the other hand, 5% of the same population spend more than 21 hours or more (Mintel, 2012). Moreover, 38.83 M gaming consoles have been sold just in the UK. These statistics prominently signify how triumphant the concept of a gaming console has been. Sony PlayStation 3 is one of the most popular gaming consoles of the seventh generation, released on 11 Nov 2006. The most amusing feature include unified online gaming service, The PlayStation Network. It was the very first device to launch the Blu-ray platform as its storage device. Various accessories that come along are wireless DualShock3 controller, Logitech driving force GT, Logitech cordless precision controller, PS eye camera, etc (Wikipedia 2012). The statistics show that in the year 2011, 5.71 M consoles were sold in the UK out of which 0.98 were the PS3. Overall, PS3 has sold 4.72 consoles in the UK. PlayStation 3 has been No.2 in terms of demand, lagging behind Microsoft Xbox 360: its principal rival (Mintel, 2012). In a survey conducted among 2000+ internet users showed that 60% already own a gaming console and 3% plan to buy it in the next three months (Mintel, 2012).

The Perceptual Process

Perception is the immediate or intuitive recognition or appreciation, as of moral, psychological or aesthetic qualities such as insight, intuition or discernment (, 2012). The perceptual process is basically the immediate response generated by the human body mechanism to a particular stimuli. The immediate response is also known as sensation. The human body is blessed with 5 incredible sensory receptors which are eyes, ears, nose, mouth and fingers (Solomon et. al., 2012). PlayStation 3 provides very extraordinary sensation to the eyes, ears and fingers which results in the formation of a perception. The process starts with the sensory receptors receiving stimuli which is offered by the product, in this case the PlayStation3. Considering the 'sight' stimuli, PlayStation3 comes...
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