Marketing Plan Phase 1

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Running head: Marketing Plan – Phase I Paper

Sony Electronics – SONO Stick

University of Phoenix

MKT/421 – Marketing
Facilitator: Chris Ross
April 23, 2007
Sony Electronics – SONO Stick
The introduction of any new product can be and intense process for any company. The Sony organization is a large world wide corporation that since its inception has proven to work towards electronics innovation. The new product that Sony is reviewing is the Sono-stick and prior to the development of this product several items will be reviewed; the overview of existing organization, a description of the product, the importance of marketing, SWOT analysis and the market research approach. The full marketing plan for this product will be enhanced by obtaining a full understanding of the product, its strengths and weaknesses and the research needed to identify if there is a viable marketplace in which to produce and sell the Sono-stick at a profitable rate within the Sony family. Overview of Existing Organization

The Sony Corp. was founded on May 7, 1946 and has its global headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. The name Sony was based on the combination of two words. The two parts were the two words, “Sonus” which is the Latin for sonic and “Sonny” which means small size or small boy. The name is pronounced the same in almost every language spoken in the world. ( 2007)

The first product line from Sony Corp. was a wire recorder. Since then, they have expanded their product lines by many folds. The next major product line was the transistor radio. Sony was the first Japanese company to produce transistor radios. Televisions were next and followed by the video tape recorders. The walkman and mini disc technologies followed after the video tapes and recording equipment. Now, the Sony Corp. has grown from one plant in Tokyo to a world wide organization. Today, they offer personal and professional audio and video equipment as...

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