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October 18, 2008

Name:Sony Corporation
Designation:Howard Stringer, CEO
Organisation: Sony Corporation

Email Address:

Contact No:
03 2295 0200 (Office)
03 2295 0408 (Fax)
Mailing Address:
1-7-1,Minota-ku Tokyo 108-0075, Japan.

The Sony Corporation is mainly focused on the Electronics for example IT products and components, Game like Playstation, and Entertainment such as motion pictures and music. Sony Corporation is not only representing a wide range of business, but we remain globally unique. We want to fully leverage this uniqueness in aggressively carrying out their convergence strategy so that we can continue to emotionally touch and excite our customers. The business direction of Sony Corporation is to market and distribute innovative and highly quality consumer electronic products. SECTION 2: PARTNERS INVOLVED IN SE

Names of our main partners: Telefonaktiebolaget LM Erickson of Sweden and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Of Korea. Our partner’s website is www. and Telefonaktiebolaget LM Erickson of Sweden had being partner since October 2001 to manage about the communication and also about the technology of the hand phone. The fourth is Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Of Korea. This company had joint since April 2004 and their role is to expand the product of Sony Corporation at Korea.

Description of My Business

Sony Corporation is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products in the world. We now are the major in their industry and have very highly in market share. We has increase in our sales by introduces the new innovative product that attract many customer The main objectives of the Sony Corporation is, was to design and create innovative products which would benefits to the people. Our goals are to create new value based on the linked concepts of "inspiration" and "shared experience" and to thus strengthen products and applications.

Targeted Market and Customers

The target market of our company is people that are tend to get high quality product. This is because, we produce the product that good quality and that is the reason why people are tending to buy our product. Furthermore we also target to the people that want a new model and advanced technology. We also do market survey by our marketing research to learn more about their customer. Whether our product can satisfy the customer, the quantities of our product enough and many more. We also determined the product that customers demand is personal computers and also the audio visual product Products & Services

Sony Corporation is the one of leading in manufacture for the technology. We have produced many innovative product that help people in their daily life. We always create new innovative products with good quality. The factor that gives us competitive advantages is level quality. Many customers know about the product that Sony produce can give high level quality. Furthermore, we also provide new features in our product. This will attract people to buy our product.

Pricing Power

The price that Sony Corporation wants to sell is suitable with the product. This is because; we have put many new features and also provide new technology at our product. So, the customer can get our product with valuable price. We had arrived at this pricing structure because of the customer demand for our product. The unique of our product that will us enable to maintain our price is the products that we produce have good qualities. The product that we produce has long lasting use. In another hand, we also give the warranties to our customer....
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