Consumer Behaviour

Topics: Cognition, Cognitive dissonance, Social psychology Pages: 4 (1326 words) Published: October 17, 2011

‘Evaluate the use of multi-attribute models to predict consumer behaviour

The multi-attribute models are theories which use the consumer’s attitudes to predict their behaviour toward a product. An attitude it’s to have a positive or negative reaction facing a product. Many models were born during the last century. But do they have a real impact on the consumer behaviour? Are they really useful to predict it? We try to ask to these questions in studying six of these models.

To begin we will study The Functional Theory of Attitudes by Daniel Katz. This model uses a pragmatic approach (a model which uses the context and the role of consumers). According to Katz, attitudes exist in function of the person, they determine these motivations. Two persons can have a same attitude toward a product but for differences reasons. Katz developed four attitudes functions:

1.Utilitarian function: related to the basic principles of reward and punishment. We develop attitudes towards products which provide pleasure or pain {e.g. if you like a cheeseburger, you’ll have a positive attitude towards cheeseburgers}. This theory gives us a way to predict the consumer behaviour. In fact, it exist positive or negative categories of product. These categories depend on segmentation of the target (children are different of women of 40 years old), sweets will be in the positive category, for instance.

2.Value-expressive function: the product says about him or her as a person {e.g. the woman who read ‘Elle’ are cultivated and have opinions . This model includes the social identity. For example, to buy news papers prove that we are cultivate and we are interested to world. People who buy these news papers seems more cultivate than people who buy tabloids. Thanks to this model, we know that ads must be guide in one way or another. For this we must to choose a target and to give a argument which to get the consumer to purchase. For instance, we want to sell...
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