Major Theories of Consumer Behavior and Advertising

Topics: Theory, Dimension, Psychology Pages: 4 (1243 words) Published: January 2, 2011
[pic]he FCB Grid (Vaughn, 1980, 1986) uses involvement (high-low) and think/feel as the two dimensions for classifying product categories. This classification suggests that purchase decisions are different when thinking is mostly involved and others are dominantly involved with feeling. In addition, different situations also exist, resulting in decision-making processes, which require either, more or less involvement. The product category matrix is fabricated using these two dimensions. Vaughn indicates that the horizontal side of the matrix is based on the hypothesis that over time there is consumers’ movement from thinking toward feeling. Also, Vaughn believes that high and low involvement (the vertical side of the matrix) is also a continuum, proposing that high involvement can decay to relatively low involvement over time. Vaughn developed a planning model by pulling together the major theories of consumer behavior and advertising to make the FCB Grid. Vaughn (1980) reviewed four traditional theories of advertising effectiveness from which effects on marketing have been noticeable. These four theories are Economic, Responsive, Psychological, and Social theories. Each theory is applicable to the four quadrants in the FCB Grid, and definitions and applications of each four traditional theories of the grid will be covered in the explanations later. Furthermore, Berger (1986) also referred to four different theories into human behavior in his paper to approach to the FCB Grid. According to Berger (1986), insight into human behavior can be viewed differently, depending on the theory. Socialists favor the theory of economic man, the search for value, the need for information with advertising seen purely as information - applicable to Economic theory. Freudian and other psychological theory gives us the notion of behavior governed by unconscious impulses - applicable to Psychological theory. There is also Pavlovian theory of purchases influenced by...
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