Cognitive and Behavioural Model

Topics: Cognition, Psychology, Decision making Pages: 4 (1354 words) Published: December 4, 2011
There are two models that we will analyze in this essay to see which is the most suitable approach to understand consumer behaviour, they are cognitive and behavioural models, there are actually three models lies within initial decisions of consumer behavior, the third one is reinforcement model but in this case we will not analyze it. First of all, the way of starting off the essay is by defining both cognitive and behavioural models found from the journals, followed by comparison between the two models, which are the best to understand consumer behaviour, giving advantages and disadvantages of the two models. The third part is to decide which is the most suitable approach to understand consumer behaviour and give reasons to the answer. Finally, we will make an overall conclusion from the analysis that we made to the two models.

The two models that we will analyze in this case are cognitive and behavioural, which is the most suitable approach to understand consumer behaviour, but before that we need to understand what is consumer behaviour. Generally, consumer behaviour can be defined as a study of when, why, what and how people do or do not buy a particular product, consumer behaviour also involved decision making process and it is also a study of potential influences such as family, friend or advertisement. Consumer behaviour in most cases can be divided into two types, they are initial decisions and subsequent decisions, the two models cognitive and behavioural that we are analyzing now lies within initial decisions, there is a brief definition about the relation between consumer behaviour and cognitive approach, “Consumer behaviour is widely understood as a problem solving and decision making sequence, the outcome of which is determined by the buyer’s goal directed processing of information. The ‘cognitive consumer’ is credited with the capacity to receive and handle considerable quantities of information, to engage actively in the comparative evaluation...
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