Consumer Analysis of Maggi

Topics: Nutrition, Taste, Food Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: September 9, 2011
Mom restricts, Feel its not healthy
Daily eating will be bore
Feel like eating satisfies hunger and tastes superb.
It is nutritious as a mix all vegetables
Health concerned people try to avoid Maggi noodles even though find it tasty •Awareness about new variants in maggi is high it is almost 95% but only 30% have actually tried the new ones rest are either brand loyal to masala maggi or perceive no other flavor can be comparative to masala flavor. •Many gave reasons all flavors not available at the their retail shop) •63% out of who have tried didn’t felt taste as enjoying as masal maggi--- so a negative word of mouth. •If Maggi variants connoted with healthy food contents and also satisfying as a meal would be preferred by 64% of the respondents. •Packaging is attractive and good but few suggested now its time to bring some change in packing as it has grown old. Competitive Positioning:

Maggi easy to cook, instant, delicious compared to Top Raman being said thin noodles. •Maggi has a very good association with hunger satisfaction. •Purchases decision is mostly in hands of Mothers in family. •Usage by all in the family, over the age of 18 yr.

Main USP- Brand image, (and its availability and Low price).

USP- Easy to cook & tasty
Masses productWeakness
Perceived as made up of Maida not good for health and calories Opportunities
Availability of New segments (e.g. old age people)
Increasing level of income of consumers and fast lifeThreats ITC, the competitor provides higher margins to its distributors and growing fast. Top Raman has adopted the strategy of reducing the price of its product.
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