Product Launch Checklist Template

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Product Launch Checklist Template

Back to Basics in Ensuring A Successful Product Launch
One way to make sure that you've covered all the bases for your product launch is to revisit the principles taught in Marketing ; namely the 5 "P's" of Marketing—Product, Price, Packaging, Place, and Promotion. To a seasoned marketer, these concepts may have been pushed out of mind many other concepts, but here's the big secret—the 5 "P's" cover it all. Often approaches do change the tactics and gives things different names, but overall, effective marketing is still based on these principles. Deliver a solid product—Ensure that the product is internally tested, market tested with your target, and can deliver on the promises you make about it. That goes for product reliability, safety, and especially post-sales service and support. Do your homework on pricing—For retail products, it's pretty straightforward. Compare your product to the competition, do the costing to make sure you are meeting margin goals, and set the price according to perceived value. For less tangible products, such as customizable software products, one method we discovered for doing price comparisons is to find media reviews of competitors' products. . Design packaging to suit customer preferences—Beyond the basic utilitarian reasons for packaging, consider how your end customer perceives the product—and your company's values—based on the packaging. For example, adding the right unique feature, like an easy-open container, or minimizing the packaging and providing documentation on CD-ROM for the environmentally-conscious crowd, makes it that much more likely that you'll get word-of-mouth advertising and repeat business. Place your products where your customers are—In your distribution planning, focus on understanding your customers and the places they go when they need a new product or service. The virtual world of the web gives a whole new meaning to "place." It now means both where your customers go to find information, and where they buy online. Identify these places and make sure that you're just one click away. Finely target your promotions—In the clutter of advertising and marketing in the world today, the shotgun approach is becoming less and less effective. One tip for promoting your new product is to identify and target trendsetters—the one who has "a billion" contacts and who is constantly networking and will "champion" your product. Getting those people to adopt your product can make the difference between a flop and an overwhelming success.

Product or Service Launch Checklist

Product Launch Timeline
Typical timeline and deliverables associated with a successful product launch. This timeline and checklist cover the key activities and deliverables related to launching a new product or service, including those for both direct and channel sales. Your particular efforts may encompass more or fewer items than are represented here. Note that conceptualization and development of your product is a longer process that happens prior to this planning. At the point of launch planning, your offering should have been prototyped, market tested, and be nearing the end of its development cycle. Operations, Support, and other functional groups should be following their own plans and tracking with you toward a successful launch.

Product Name
Descriptions (25-, 50-, 100- words)
Customer Profile
Five Main Messaging Points
[Insert Other Rows for additional tasks.]
Demo Scripts
[Insert Other Rows for additional tasks.]
System Requirements
Product Documentation
Alpha Test Review Feedback
Set up for Customer Pilots (Beta)
Release (Beta) to Production
Release (Beta) to...
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