Conservation of Momentum Lab Report

Topics: Classical mechanics, Mass, Velocity Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: December 12, 2013

Analyzing Exploding Carts - Lab Activity

We will study the relationship of force and the duration of the collision. In doing so we will observe the max force experienced by an accelerating cart when it impacts another cart with a spring. A stiff spring will be used. We will collect the information through two items. We will use distance and time as information collectors. This will measure the acceleration, velocity, and position of the cart as it moves down the track. The most important measurement collected is the velocity; which will be used to calculate the momentum. We will also explore how mass impacts in the change of momentum, and if there can be a non-changing impulse between the two carts with different masses.

Data Refer

Experimental results: " Analyzing Exploding Carts - Lab Activity" Handout (back part)

1 meter stick
1 Cart
1 Cart with string
2 blocks/books
1 Mass block of 1.0kg
1 Mass block of 0.5kg

Setup materials: Construct horizontal track, using the meter stick to create it. To surround it (and to prevent the carts from falling), set the 2 blocks/books at the edge of each side. Set the string to its first module. Total track should be 1.0m; however, distance travelled by the carts will be 0.52m. Record the interval as d in Table 1. Put the carts next to each other, with the string separating them (but still together). Mark this location with a small piece of tape if necessary. Run a few tests until the time for the both of them to cover different distances is the same (this is because they have different acceleration and masses). In order to determine the velocity, measure the time it takes for each cart to travel the known d. After this, repeat the trials; but add 0.5kg of mass. Repeat until timing is precise. Once this finished, calculate the velocity of all trials; v1 and v2, using d1 (distance travelled by cart 1) and d2 (distance travelled by cart 2). Also...
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