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Conflict Management Styles Paper
Luis Alvarado
CJA 444
February 5, 2013
Tyler Burtis

Conflict Management Styles Paper
Conflict is a natural part of life and a natural part of the organizational process. When conflict emerges it is essential for the criminal justice organization to have processes in place to resolve the conflict that emerges. When conflict is poorly dealt with, it can create challenges that result in disruptions in the effectiveness, motivation, and productivity of the organizational members. Forcing, accommodating, avoiding, compromising and collaborating are five different conflict management strategies that in most often times are within the employing organization. Every organization employs different strategies to manage conflict. The accommodation style involves a more cooperative approach to conflict while the forcing strategy is less cooperative and more assertive. The avoidance strategy, which is the least effective, involves the management ignoring the conflict and hoping it will just resolve itself. The collaborative style of conflict management involves a process of communication and listening while compromising develops mutually acceptable solutions to the conflict. In the criminal justice agency the most common types of conflict strategies used are forcing and collaborating. In the Pineville Police Department the leadership is hierarchal and most conflict is dealt with using the forcing strategy to conflict. Because the criminal justice agency and the Pineville Police Department must go through a bureaucratic process in order for any type of decision to be made the forcing strategy to conflict is mostly applied. Police officers and staff members are given orders they are expected to follow and any conflict can result in disciplinary action. Police officers at the Pineville Police Department are given orders they are expected to follow but when in the field police officers are afforded a certain...
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