Conflict Paper

Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: August 18, 2011
AC Team Conflict
GM 570
Mike Truscio
Spring 2010

I am a member of the Administrative Coordinator team and our function at DeVry is to serve as an impartial third party who ensures that numbers are reported with integrity and student paperwork is submitted according to policy and procedure. If we fail to do our job with honestly and integrity or we allow paperwork through that is incorrect or incomplete, we jeopardize the university’s high accreditation standing. However, Tom has a much different opinion of how our jobs should be performed. Since we do submit paperwork and make changes to student files, we are also considered a support team for the sales team. Literature Review

As we discussed in class there are many different styles of conflict. Tom happens to have a very confrontational and non-accommodating or compromising style. He explained to me and a team member that if we are not going to do as he says he has no need for us. However, he is still consistently asking us to do things that are either on the edge of unethical or that is outside of our role to perform. To put it lightly this is putting me and my team members in a very uncomfortable situation. Each one of the five of us has a very different style in dealing with Tom’s conflict approach. One co-worker blatantly refuses to do things that are unethical or outside of our responsibilities. Similar to that one of the other women I work with simply ignores his requests but does not verbalize that she is not going to complete the tasks. The other woman on my team constantly complains about it. I however try to communicate with Tom as well as my management team to try to work in the ethical requests in order to “support” the sales team. Here is where things went from a simple annoyance to our team to a full blown conflict. My direct supervisor has a very accommodating conflict style. She tells everyone what she things they want to hear. She tells Tom that we...

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