Crisis Paper

Topics: Communication, Hurricane Katrina, Mobile phone Pages: 3 (1102 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Crisis Paper
Ciandra Alvord
February 18th, 2013
Paul Wing

Crisis Paper
Due to the devastating tragedy that has occurred with Hurricane Katrina the storm made a massive landfall where it was ranked category 3 on the hurricane scale. The storm left horrible damage in its after math, leaving about 80 percent of the city under water. With the water remain unhealthy and contaminated are becoming life threating it is our job as a Director to address this devastating news, and it is my job to make sure the community remains safe. We have teamed up with American Red Cross to help provide clean and purified water for everyone once we address the announcement about the contaminated water. American Red Cross wills also assists us in helping communicating with the community who is in need.

The advantages and challenges that we will possibly get from the help with the American Red Cross is possibly trying to communicate through the Internet. Usually when heavy storms and hurricanes occur it will most likely knock out all electricity. Another advantage we as an organization might encounter would be having the help from the American Red Cross. We would have the advantage of them coming out with their equipment and their volunteers to help assist with supplying the necessary supplies to provide to the community such as clean water, and or anything else the community might need to stay safe. A challenge we might come across when trying to communicate with the public is trying to communicate through cell phone. Knowing the cell phone users might have service, but knowing they will not have much power for long will be the question. So it is our job as a team and organization to team up in a quick responsive way to be able to try to send out notifications to everyone affected by the tragic hurricane.

The differences in the communication process when it comes down to trying to communicate in a crisis situation is the process and planning as you would in a regular...

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