Computers-Advantages and Disadvantages

Topics: Computer, Machine code, Computer program Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: August 30, 2013


Almost every home, office, or school has a computer of some kind these days. The word ‘computer’ comes from ‘computing’ i.e. calculating. They can do complicated sums very quickly. We can play games, draw pictures and even make sound and music on them. Computers can be used to keep records of diaries, slides, recipes, songs or any information which we want to store and get back sometime later in some form. We can link computers together to share information (data) and to process it for better use. These links offer us worldwide web i.e. internet, a bank of data all over the world, and banking, travel booking or shopping can be done from one’s computer without going anywhere. People can also chat or talk with others who are far-off , through internet on computers. Computers are very useful to children. It helps students to prepare for exams and makes subjects more interesting. Students who learn computers can learn new words and improve their vocabulary or grammar or general knowledge easily. By using computers for storing information or doing things, students become confident and bold. People at all workplaces save a lot of time and space by using computers which follow instructions for repeated use, process lots of data quickly and store it in very small spaces. A compact disk (CD) can hold data equal to that in several books. Thus, one can copy and store data on CDs, pen-drives and carry them easily to places than carry heavy loads of paper documents. One may think that a computer has only advantages, but let me tell you, it also has disadvantages. Particular data is stored in a computer by giving a ‘file name’ so that the same data can be got back when wanted. But next time, if the same file name is not asked to the computer, that piece of data will not be available. Computers are instructed in ‘machine language’ and cannot understand our ‘natural language’. They do not have any feelings...
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