The Cause and Effect of computers on our everyday lives

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Mohammed Ibrahim

English 101

The Cause and Effect of computers on our everyday lives.

The computer is an electronic device which stores and analyzes any information that is fed into it, for calculating, or for controlling the system automatically. There is a great number of people in our society who use computers every single day for gathering or discovering information. Worldwide, computers have a great impact on people in an advantageous and disadvantageous ways. Some advantages of computers are that they may help you solve problems faster than an ordinary human being and that they are less time consuming in various cases. There are also disadvantages of computers like dependence, slow degradation of visual acuity or understanding and hazard of computer hackers which ruin and remove information from a computer system. In general, computers may have a positive impact on people because of how less time consuming and simple they are, however, computers may also have a negative impact because of how dependent they may be for people. Substantially computer is a great tool for people; however, computer makes peoples’ lives easier and gives them a new way to learn about things in which humans are interested in. For instance, computers are mostly used for education; therefore, computers make things accessible and simple at school or university. Computers are also advantageous for entering most colleges as well as filling out job applications. Essentially, computers are used for medical and health purposes in a society like in helping regulating a heart rate while lying in the emergency room. Overall, computers are less time consuming technologies, they will perform any job task efficiently and in haste. Despite the benefits of computers, there are also negative effects against computers which lead to issues such as dependence and obsession, slow degradation of visual acuity and hazard of computer hackers....
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