Computer and Long Distance Education

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Computer and our life
Importance of computer:

Computer is an important machine in our life. Without computer our life is nothing. We need to use it in every sector of our life. What type of work sector that is we are using computer. It makes our job easier and simple. Computer creates a great opportunity for us. We are changing our life style quickly through computer. We are using it in education sector, medical sector, research and experimental job, designing, architectural designing, planning, public administration and etc. Computer changed our education system. We can learn through long distance education system. Now we do not need to go far from home to learn something. We can save our time and money by this. Without that we are able to get every service at home. Computer is also able to provide us another service. Now doctor can do operations through computer. It resumes risk for a patient. Doctors do not need to work more. Computer also helps us in research like educational, scientific, medical and etc. Really, computer is a great invention of human life.

Computer and communication:
Without helping in our work we can communicate through computer. Now-a-days computer is the powerful communication media. Generally it communicates through network and internet is the well known network system. We can talk, chat, mail through computer. We can keep contract with international community by internet. E-mail is a blessing for us. We can communicate with anyone easily for e-mail. It is a cheapest communication in the world. We are doing corporate dealing through it. It plays a role in our economy. It makes our life easier. Without that we can do video chat trough internet. Facebook and other social sites are a blessing for us. By using of those we can make an international brotherhood. Without those facilities we are also sharing videos and other important things like as usual important information. We...
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