Topics: Personal computer, Computer, Microprocessor / Pages: 2 (404 words) / Published: May 13th, 2013
The Computer Revolution
We live in the cage of technology. Every day, new technology appears, ranging from iPods that can store thousands of songs to giant space telescopes that can send photographs of distant stars back to Earth. Of all the new technological wonders, personal computer have probably had the greatest influence on the daily lives of average people. Through computers, we can talk to people in any country, research any topic, work, shop and entertain ourselves. Personal computers have especially revolutionized communication, business practices, and education in both positive and negative ways. Perhaps the most important effect of personal computer has been to expand our ability to communicate with the outside world. A single computer user can send a e-mail message to millions of people all over the world with one keystroke. For example, a person who is planning vacation and want to know the names of the best beach in Bali, Indonesian can ask other who have already been there for suggestions. Personal computer are changing the way we do business. One change is that computers make it easy to take care of a lot of personal business at home. For example, you can buy airlines tickets, pay bills, even pay your taxes from your home computer. This is a great convenience for people who are busy during the way and for physically disabled people who find it hard to leave their homes. Personal computer has change the world of education. Elementary student universities in Kelantan can talk via computer to student universities in Selangor. College student no longer need to spend hours in the school library researching topic for term paper. A high school student can obtain statistics for history paper from the library in London by computer. Besides that, not everyone agree that computer are good for education. Replacing a teacher with a machine is not suitable, according to some critics. They say young children especially need a real person, not a machine to guide

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