Complaint Letter Example

Topics: American Airlines, John F. Kennedy International Airport, Delta Air Lines Pages: 2 (359 words) Published: October 9, 2013
September 24, 2013

Customer Relations
American Airlines, Inc.
Fort Worth, TX 75261

Dear Customer Relations:
I am writing to inform you of a high dissatisfactory experience I had with your airline on flight number 1727 from JFK airport in New York City, New York to LAX airport in Los Angeles, California, on September 2, 2013. I have been a loyal customer to your airline for the past 7 years, but due to the grievances caused by my experience, I am a requesting a full refund for the ticket I purchased, as well as compensation for items that were lost during my travels. On September 2, 2013 I boarded flight 1727 at approximately 3 PM with service to Los Angeles. My flight went smoothly and arrived on time. However, when I arrived at baggage claim to retrieve my luggage I discovered that my belongings were not present. I immediately contacted the nearest baggage claim representative who assured me that my luggage would be located, and requested that I fill out a missing belongings form. I was told that if my baggage was not located within the next 5 days, that I should receive a letter informing me of when I should expect to receive compensation for my lost items. It has been over three weeks and I still have not received a letter notifying me of whether or not my belongings were ever located, or if I should expect compensation. My luggage that was lost contained many items of great worth to me, including a high definition camcorder, family photographs, and over $300 worth of clothing and toiletries. Since American Airlines seems to strive to achieve full customer satisfaction, I am certain you will understand my dismay upon the loss of these items due to mistakes made by the employees of your company. I am requesting that you please reimburse me for my items lost, which totaled roughly $450 dollars, as well as the ticket I purchased for my flight, since it has taken well over 5 days for me to receive any form of contact from a representative of your...
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