Topics: Play, Health, Developmental psychology Pages: 2 (318 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Competency Goal 1: To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment.

Keeping children safe is very important. Safety rules should be incorporated in your daily schedule, make sure your classroom is free of clutter and outlets are covered. Children should never be left unattended. Children should learn good health, nutrition, and should be encouraged to practice good hygiene daily and healthy eating. You have to show children the proper way to brush their teeth; you should also plan nutrition activities for children to try new foods. In order for children to learn they need a positive learning environment, the learning environment should be inviting and friendly. All materials should be accessible to children throughout the day.

Competency Goal 2: To advance physical and intellectual competence.

A child’s physical development is an essential part of the total development of children. You should provide time everyday for outdoor play; also provide movement activities for children. Include a variety of movement during transition from one activity to another. Large-motor development includes strengthening and coordinating the muscles and nervous system, controlling large motions using the arms, legs, torso, or whole body. Small-motor development involves the ability to control and coordinate small, specialized motions using the eyes, mouth, hands, and feet. Adults should provide materials, equipment, and opportunities for indoor and outdoor activities.

Children exploring and trying to understand the world is natural and necessary for children’s cognitive or intellectual development. You should encouraged to try new activities. Playing guessing and cards games will stimulate their brain. Also enjoy singing song and nursery rhymes.

Communicate between people can take many forms, including spoken and written words or sounds, gestures, eye and body movements, and touch. Children have a vivid imagination and have creative potential....
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