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In marketing there is, what is) called a Unique Selling Proposition (USP. This is an important tool available for marketing, to differentiate the position and competition. Some vendors position their products based on price, durability, quality, easy to use and so on, as their USP. And you as a person? What makes you different? What is your area of excellence? Should it be regarded as a product, why shouldsomeone to buy the other person? To be more precise, what is truly unique and special about you, nobody can resist this? The number of possible universal service is almost endless, but the duty to identify what you have. And if you do, maximize to see the board. Now is the potential of your USP. It 's your single force, a gift and talent that none of you can take on the market. It 's really what you sell. Speak for yourself, even before speaking.It's your weapon. Gates must be based on something of a much higher chance of success, excellent. Define your "area of excellence" to find your "unique selling proposal (otherwise known as the USP), and do more of what you do best. Your Unique Selling Proposition) allows you to optimize your main purpose (for example, could MDP. Your main purpose of your being, to become a professional soccer player. With all the determination that areworked so hard for them. You know what? This is a great and wonderful step you have taken. But you have your "unique selling proposal." You should know where your skills on the football field. You are a great striker like Ronaldo from Manchester United, or as a great defender Taribo West Nigeria? These are the things you need to define you, so you will be able to realize your dream can be a great player. You can not just wing player on every play.Should be known for something: a striker, midfielder, defender or goalkeeper. Achieve your main goal is a rat race where it is "unique selling proposition" is defined, your not. Their "unique selling proposition is the key to solving skills....
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